Muay Thai equippment , Nam Man Muay , CounterPain We are original Muay Thai supporter.

Muay Thai equippment , Nam Man Muay , CounterPain

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 We would like to inform customers of our policy.

            We have own drugstore in Thailand, then we have many drugs in our stock. Our medicines have been produced by factories which have achieved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or certificate from government.

            Our medicines are not contaminated from foreign additives. We have not sold expired medicine or nearly-expired medicines to the customers because we can return the expired medicines back to the pharmaceutical companies for get rid of them We have sold only regular medicine (No dangerous medicine, controlled medicine and illegal medicine for sale)

            We have not given any suggestion on using medicines to the customers because different countries have different degree of regulation. For Thai Regulation, patients can purchase medicine without prescription in drugstores. However, these drugstores must have licensed pharmacist.

            Then it's easy and comfortable to purchase medicine in Thailand. Nevertheless, the medicine must not be dangerous or controlled by Ministry of Public Health. Therefore, controlled medicine in many countries can dispense in Thailand.



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